How to increase website traffic

When you hope to raise website ranking and enjoy organic traffic from search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely one of the best option. Organic search results ranked by many factors, such as content quality, domain authority, user experience and page speed. With SEO, you can let search engine understand your website content and rank your website in 1st page of organic search result. After you have known the benefit of SEO, you should choose your target market. SEO in Hong Kong and SEO in China is a different picture. For example, the algorithm is different. There are different search engines. Google and Yahoo are commonly used in Hong Kong while people use Baidu, Haosou 360 and Sogou in China. You need to adopt different tactics for different algorithms. 

If you choose to adopt SEO in China, suggest you finding a SEO company in Hong Kong or a China advertising agency. Usually an SEO company in Hong Kong provides SEO services in different markets. With their all-round skills, they can choose the right keywords, enhance your website content that best suit your industry and finally rank high in search engines. If you have more budget, using China advertising agency is also a good option. A China advertising agency provides you with different promotion strategies, including SEO, they will be more familiar with SEO in China. With the synergy effect of SEO company in Hong Kong and a China advertising agency, you can maximize your SEO campaign as well as increase company exposure and organic traffic, in result your sales and revenue.