Mental Health Service HK for Young People

The necessity for a quality mental health service HK is notably high, especially among youth. While some educational institutions and communities already took certain measures to help young people manage stress and pressure, not everyone understands how important this topic truly is. For that reason, community leaders must understand the significance of mental health and partner up with qualified professionals that can help teenagers in the best possible ways; one of the programs with a great impact on youth is the teenage harm reduction service, provided by KELY Support Group.

KELY Support Group is a non-profit organization founded in 1991. A team of people with strong motivation and will to help youth united their forces and created a powerful mental health service HK. Since then, this organization partnered with numerous reputable schools and companies that worked for a better future for young people in the region.

The teenage harm reduction service educates young people on several addictions; it shows them the effects and consequences of drugs and alcohol and helps teenagers resist the pressure of their peers. Multiple circumstances can manipulate young people into addictions; the goal of the mental health service HK is to eliminate those threats.

Apart from teenage harm reduction, KELY Support Groups provides multiple services that assist young people in coping with stress and managing their emotions. With common efforts, institutional leaders can help youth significantly and work toward a bright future for those individual participants of the programs, as well as the future of Hong Kong as a whole.