Wine Tasting Course for True Wine Enthusiasts

CorVino’s students that pass the first level, usually proceed to the WSET Level 2 as it improves their skills and knowledge about the wine industry even more. The wine tasting course is not only extremely useful but also captivating and engaging. Even people that were not too interested in wines before, start to show more interest as they learn about the beverage and start improving their techniques.

The initial level of the wine tasting course revolves around the basic skills that every sommelier should possess. It teaches attendees how to use their senses to explore wines. It is an interesting level created for beginners but even individuals with advanced knowledge and skills attend it in order to strengthen their foundation which automatically improves everything else they know about wines. The WSET Level 2 is the continuation of the first level; its role is to build up the skills that attendees acquired previously.

Apart from learning how to use their taste, smell and sight to analyze wines better, attendees of the WSET Level 2 get familiar with different grape types, their history, types of wines and the countries of their origins and they also learn how to pair wines with foods.

Most of CorVino’s students attend the wine tasting course for professional reasons. They are ambitious to succeed in the industry and this school offers them all the necessary tools. However, there are also wine enthusiasts that join CorVino for private reasons. Some of them simply want to know more about wines or impress people with their skills. Whichever reasons individuals may have, CorVino’s educators welcome them all to this reputable school!